Restructure session

When: Mon, Tue
Organizers Jeroen Willemsen, Carlos Holguera
Participants Sven Schleier (remote), Abderrahmane AFTAHI (remote) , Carlos Holguera Carlos Holguera , Jeroen Willemsen Jeroen Willemsen

Welcome to the ultimate Owasp Mobile Security Testing Guide content reshuffle session!


Currently, we have 3 sections that are pretty distinct from each other: a global testing guide, an iOS testing guide and an Android testing guide. Keeping all 3 up to date makes stuff rather complicated! Let’s simplify this as suggested in! This should make the project a lot easier to maintain!


Restructuring the MSTG as described in


Hopefully a restructured MSTG.


Anybody who wants to join the Mobile Security project and learn or share knowledge about mobile security in applications for iOS and Android: - Developers - Pentesters - Security engineers


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